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A pacemaker for the brain helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be widely available

Researchers are testing deep brain stimulation as a treatment for people with a severe form of depression. Doctors compare it to a pacemaker for the brain. It involves implanting electrodes in the brain, which are attached to a device placed under the skin in the chest. (Feb. 21)(AP Video: Mary Conlon)

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As cancer treatment advances, patients and doctors push back against drugs’ harsh side effects

Cancer patients and doctors have ignited a movement to radically change how new cancer drugs are tested to make them more tolerable. (Feb. 6) (AP Video by Christine Nguyen/Teresa Crawford)

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Paxlovid is effective for treating COVID-19. Why is it underused?

The drug, Paxlovid, an oral antiviral treatment made by Pfizer, is lauded by experts as a powerful tool to prevent severe outcomes of COVID-19, like hospitalizations and death. But a recent study shows that it’s been underused in those who most need it. (Feb. 7) (AP Video by Laura Bargfeld)

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Crib videos offer clue to mysterious child deaths, showing seizures sometimes play a role

Crib cameras are offering a clue to a rare but devastating tragedy -- when seemingly healthy young children suddenly die in their sleep and autopsies can’t tell why. (Jan. 4)(AP Video/Shelby Lum)

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More hospitals are requiring masks as flu and COVID-19 cases surge

More U.S. hospitals are requiring masks and limiting visitors as health officials face a post-holiday spike in flu and other illnesses. New York City last week instituted a mask mandate for the city’s 11 public hospitals. (Jan. 3)

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Two gene therapies for sickle cell disease approved in US

U.S. regulators have approved two gene therapies for sickle cell disease. Doctors hope they can cure the painful inherited blood disorder that afflicts mostly Black people in the U.S. (Dec. 8)(AP Video: Mary Conlon)

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Man receives world’s first eye transplant after high-voltage electrical accident

An Arkansas man received the world’s first transplant of a human eye after electrical burns destroyed most of his face and one eye. Surgeons at NYU Langone Health said his new eye appears healthy. It’s too soon to know if he will gain sight.

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Spinal Implant helps advanced Parkinson’s patients to walk again

Marc Gauthier suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease which causes difficulty with movement and coordination that worsens over time. In 2021, Swiss doctors implanted a device in his spine to see if electrical currents can help stimulate muscles in the limbs. (Nov. 6)

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Volunteer medical students provide health checks to Chicago migrants

A group of medical students in Chicago spend their Saturdays providing street medicine for the growing number of migrants. They’re mostly students from Chicago universities and visit places where the new arrivals are living. (Nov. 2) (AP video: Melissa Perez Winder)

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As billions roll in to fight the US opioid epidemic, one county shows how recovery can work

Legal settlements could provide local and state governments $50 billion to fight the deadly U.S. opioid overdose crisis. What could that look like? One Ohio community is already doing many of the things advocates say should be considered. (Nov. 3) (AP Video: Patrick Orsagos)

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Pilot program at historically Black college aims to address racial inequities in organ donation

Medical students at Meharry Medical College are getting hands-on training in organ donation and transplant. It’s a novel program at the historically Black college that aims to increase doctors of color in the field and improve patient trust. (Oct. 24) (AP Video: Kristin M. Hall)

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Inside a family’s choice to test a pig kidney in the dead that might one day help the living

A sister’s decision to donate her brother’s body to science is helping doctors in the quest to one day ease the nation’s transplant shortage with organs from animals. (Aug. 18) (AP video/Shelby Lum)

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